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Gifted+Grounded began as a pilot study (2016) centered around discovering innovative ways of supporting the social and emotional needs of gifted adolescent females.


Through teen-friendly yoga, regulated breathing exercises, guided relaxation, journaling, and group discussions, Gifted+Grounded has been created to provide an experience that brings gifted adolescent girls together in a unique way.


In 2017, I began to organize some activities into a "curriculum" of sorts that provides Facilitator Guides, Participant Journals, and audio recordings of guided relaxations.


I am a Doctoral Student in the Department of Educational Psychology's Gifted and Creative Education Program at the University of Georgia. I am also a Certified Professional Therapeutic Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of professional training. I've spent many years leading safe yoga classes in my community -- for adults, teens, and children. My experience of bringing the benefits of yoga to gifted adolescent girls began when I was a classroom teacher leading after-school yoga classes for my students. And I haven't stopped since!



Guided Relaxations

Sometimes we just need a few moments to re-center ourselves in the midst of our busy lives. These guided relaxations were recorded specifically for gifted adolescent girls and range between 10-20 minutes.

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