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Mothers of Gifted Adolescent Girls:

Sign-up for a Focus Group Research Study


My name is Kate Guthrie, and I am a doctoral candidate in the Educational Psychology's Gifted and Creative Education department at the University of Georgia. Prior to returning to graduate school, I spent 5 years as a high school math teacher in Georgia and North Carolina.


My research focuses on understanding the unique experiences and needs of gifted adolescent girls. This current research study is part of my dissertation. In this study, I am interested in talking with groups of mothers of gifted daughters, as I believe mothers have unique insights that can help shed light on the experiences of gifted adolescent girls. 

What Will We Talk About?

In our group discussions, the focus of our discussion will be on how you see your gifted daughter experiencing relationships with others (ex. family, at school, etc.) and how her giftedness may impact these relationships.

What is the Time Commitment?

I will be recruiting three groups of mothers of gifted adolescent girls to meet and share their perceptions with others. You will be asked to participate in one 75-minute group discussion. 



What Will the Discussion Format Look Like?

Sample Agenda

  • 15 minutes Welcome and Warm-Up Activity

  • 55 minutes Group Discussion

  • 5 minutes Closing Remarks



When and Where Will the Discussions be Scheduled?

Once recruitment closes and all participants have signed-up by completing forms (see below), I will reach out to find a date, time, and location that works best for participants. There may be a case in which the date, time, and location do not work for all participants; however, I will do her best to accommodate everyone's time. 


I expect our group discussions to take place January-February, 2018.



When and How Can I Sign-Up?

Registration opens December 1st, 2017, and will close December 15th, 2017. To complete registration, click "Sign up for this Research Study" below to complete a Consent Form and short Questionnaire.

Please email Kate at if you have any questions.



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