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When my heart is overwhelmed,

lead me to The Rock that is stronger than I. 

Psalm 61:2


Yoga is my sacred space.  My practice is a time of communion.  Yoga allows me to create space for intimate connection with the One Who Loves.  With the union of my breath and body, I feel more connected to the Aliveness within, reaching every part of my being.  In regards to teaching yoga, I aim to encourage others to make intimate connections with their practice.  It isn't just about stretching and strengthening the body.  It's about opening your heart, letting go of difficulties, lifting up your prayer, and finding healing.


My practice of yoga started back during my undergraduate years at college.  Somewhere within my first year of college, I developed a terribly poor body image.  Being the athlete that I was, over exercising and disordered eating soon followed.


With several years of trying to 'get over' my dissatisfaction with my body, I turned to therapy.  Somehow yoga came up in conversation.  I had always attended pilates classes at a gym I belonged to, so I decided to try yoga.  Realizing that I needed to distance myself from that competitive 'gym atmosphere', I found a local yoga studio and began taking classes.


Over the course a 6 months of practicing 3-5 times weekly, I slowly began to feel the freedom from my eating disorder.  Practicing yoga helped to bring me back inside my body and recognize it for the beautiful creation that it is.  I began to appreciate parts of myself that for so long had been seen as burdens. I believe that making a meaningful connection with my breath saved me.


Fast forward several years later, after getting married and moving to Charlotte, I spent 8 months earning my 200 Hour Certification in Pranakriya Yoga.  I just happened to be pregnant with our son for those entire 8 months, and I couldn't have had a better and more challenging experience.  My practice was a significant contribution to a fast and 'easy' natural child birth experience.


I completed my 500 Hour Pranakriya Therapeutic Yoga Certification in hopes to share yoga with those who suffer from trauma, chronic illness and pain, pre and post-natal mothers, and other populations who seek to find healing through yoga.

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