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EssentialYoga @ Yoga Warrior | Sun. July 19th

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EssentialYoga Workshop

Sunday July 19th 2:00-4:00pm

Yoga Warrior | Charlotte, NC

Cost: $15

Space is limited!

Register by Emailing Kate

This workshop is for yogis, essential oil enthusiasts, and yoga teachers wanting to learn how to incorporate essential oils into their classes.

Essential oils have been used throughout yoga’s history, primarily in reference to yoga’s ayurvedic science. The benefits of essentials oils are vast including supporting your emotional needs, immune system, and physical health. Come and experience the benefits of pairing essential oils with your yoga practice.

A brief introduction of essential oils will be followed by a 75 minute meditative posture yoga class highlighting 6 different essential oils. Participants will be invited to experience selected essential oils aromatically, topically, and internally.

All participants will receive a Home Oil Practice bag with samples of selected oils distributed in class along with detailed information about how to use each oil at home. * Please bring a glass or stainless steel water bottle (optional).

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