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Live+Move: Taking Your Practice Deeper // Apr. 24th

Live+Move: Taking Your Practice Deeper

// a pranayama flow //

Yoga with Emilie

Gainesville, GA


Cost $25

Join me as I lead you through a 30 minute pranayama introduction and a 60 minute yoga experience designed to guide you deeper into your practice by weaving beginner pranayama exercises throughout a seamless flow of postures and ending with an extended savasana.

This all levels class is suitable for seasoned yogis who are looking for a rich experience, yoga teachers who need to replenish their well, and students interested in learning more about pranayama, meditation, and asana.

Experience with dirgha, ujjayi, and kapalabhati pranayamas are encouraged but not necessary. A brief demonstration of each will be provided at the start of the class. Additional pranayama techniques will also be incorporated.

Essential oils will be offered to provide a unique sensory experience at different parts of the class.

(Restorative Yoga will be offered 3:00-4:15pm for $15.

Register for both Live+Move and Restorative for $35.)

Register in advance by emailing

Space is limited!

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